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Tips and tricks for
super selfies

What does this page offer? Monthly tips and tricks, sometimes technical sometimes less technical. You decide what you think is technical and less technical.

This month, I would say, less technical. Simple but effective advice on taking flattering selfies, whoever you are.

Key points

  • Take note of background so things aren't going to look like they're sticking out of your head. For example, kitchen worktops full of dirty plates don't make the best backdrops.
  • Less isn't always more. Clothes can be good! Be aware and mindful when you share a selfie, it could potentially end up anywhere.
  • Position your face slightly angled into a light source so it doesn't cast unflattering shadows. For example, shadows below the eyes don't look wonderful.
  • Whatever is closest to the phone/camera will appear bigger. Think about what your insecurities are with regards to your features and let this guide you with the angle of the shot. Slightly above to 45 degrees is often best.
  • The front lens on a phone will never take as good an image as it is lower resolution. To use the main phone camera lens an option is to stand in front of a mirror. This will allow you to see what you're taking. Alternatively you can angle the phone and experiment and repeat until you get the shot you want. You will get quicker at this. @NC
Flatter yourself